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  • Who We are

    Global commercial Logistics (Pvt) Ltd called as GCL, incorporated under the Sri Lanka companies Act, No. 7 of 2007.

    GCL is a private limited liability companies with the terms and conditioned of the above Act. GCL core business objective is International Freight Forwarding, logistics and Transport.

    GCL motto is “Beyond Tradition” means Innovation. This will always keep momentum to generate creative output to its clients and stake holders, with fresh impression and add value to its environment.
  • What We Do

    GCL offering you wide range of services in the sector such as

    Sea Freight (Imports / Exports)
    Air Freight (Imports / Exports)
    LCL consolidations.
    Multi Country Consolidations.
    Road Transportation.
    Customs House Brokering.
    Sea Air.
    Air Sea.
    Special project handling.
    Transshipment Handling.
    Local Distribution arrangements.

    And many more...
  • Licenses

    A Class forwarder registered under Director General of Merchant Shipping.

    GCL is very concern about productivity of all concern areas, and always be selective with Customers, agents and service providers. GCL will professionally identify the most appropriate partner for the required area. And expecting to continue with the basis of implementing Technological, strategic aspects and further enhance service levels suits to the environment and grow with Innovation.
  • Infrastructure

    GCL have its own office premises (operational) located with the easy access to all Main commercial, Industrial Areas.

    No. 97, 4th Floor,
    Mihindu Mawatha.
    Colombo 12.

    Branch office: No. 18A,
    Lower Ground Floor,
    BOI Biyagama,
    Sri Lanka.

    GCL have fleet of transport. (Including 25 prim movers / 36 tailors) – Managed by MAS Consolidated (Pvt) Ltd.
  • We Are Dealing with

    GCL have very good rapport with main Air Lines, Shipping Lines and all other services providers with credibility and professionally.
  • GCL Management Team

    Global commercial Logistics (Pvt) Ltd has a Team well experienced, qualified staff members

    Also we are offering you automated service throughout the GCL website. All our client will receive online web access to our web resources and you can easily track your order status in Online Tracking area.

Global commercial Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

Global commercial Logistics (Pvt) Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Sri Lanka companies Act, No. 7 of 2007. Our multimodal integrated logistics services include freight transportation via ocean, air and land, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution management and customs house brokering. This suite of services is further enhanced by state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

Complementing the strength in the sub-continent, Global commercial Logistics (Pvt) Ltd is operating in Sri Lanka to provide Local Businesses and Multinationals with a full range of International forwarding services which include Ocean Freight, Air Freight , Multi Country Consolidation, Air and Marine parts logistics , Customs House Brokerage and Project Cargo Solutions..


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